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Valve / Normal Cement Bags

We offer innovative and cost-effective packaging concept with light weight cement bags. These Laminated Polypropylene bags have special prolonged shelf that result in better resistance to humid conditions, in turn , leading to prolonged shelf life of the packed products. Our ranges of cement bags have high strength along with increased tear resistance. Hence, these bags survive rough handling situation with practically no broken bags during filling, conveying, loading and transportation.

Key features and benefits of Valve / Normal Cement Bags cement bags include:

Strength and Durability: Polypropylene bags are known for their strength, making them suitable for carrying the weight of cement without tearing or breaking during handling and transportation.
Moisture Resistance: The woven polypropylene material offers a certain level of moisture resistance, preventing moisture from affecting the cement’s quality during storage and transportation.
UV Protection: Some polypropylene bags are treated with UV stabilizers to protect the cement from the potentially harmful effects of sunlight during outdoor storage.
Versatility: Polypropylene cement bags can be used for various types of cement, including Portland cement, blended cement, and other powdered construction materials.
Cost-Effectiveness: Polypropylene bags are generally cost-effective compared to other packaging options, which can help manage packaging costs for cement manufacturers and distributors.
Customization: These bags can be customized with printed logos, branding, and product information, enhancing brand visibility and providing important details to end-users.
Sustainability: Some polypropylene bags are designed to be recyclable or reusable, which aligns with increasing environmental awareness and sustainability practices.
Easy Handling: The bags are designed for easy loading and unloading, contributing to efficient logistics and distribution.
When sourcing polypropylene cement bags, consider factors such as bag dimensions, weight capacity, printing options, and any additional features that might be beneficial for your specific needs. As with any packaging material, it’s important to adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure the bags are suitable for safely transporting cement.
Overall, polypropylene cement bags offer a practical and widely used solution for packaging cement and contributing to the overall efficiency of the construction materials supply chain.

  • Cement
  • Fertilizer, Minerals, Plastic Resin, Polymer
  • Meal , Cattle feed, Pet food
  • Rice, Sugar, Corn, Pulses, Dates and other agro foods like spices etc.
  • Prolonged Shelf Life
  • ¬†Better resistant to humid conditions.
  • ¬†High strength with increased tear resistance.
  • Being tough effectively handles rough use.
  • No damage occurs during handling processes like, filling, conveying, loading & transportation.
  • Built in valve helps in easy filling & self closing operation.