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BOPP (Laminated) Bags

We offer innovative and cost-effective packaging concept with light weight cement bags. These Laminated Polypropylene bags have special prolonged shelf that result in better resistance to humid conditions, in turn , leading to prolonged shelf life of the packed products. Our ranges of cement bags have high strength along with increased tear resistance. Hence, these bags survive rough handling situation with practically no broken bags during filling, conveying, loading and transportation.

Here’s some information about BOPP laminated bags:

1. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP): BOPP is a type of polypropylene film that is processed using a biaxial orientation technique. This process involves stretching the film in both the machine direction (MD) and the transverse direction (TD), which imparts strength, clarity, and barrier properties to the film.
2. Lamination Process: BOPP laminated bags are created by adhering a layer of BOPP film to a woven or non-woven fabric substrate using a lamination process. The BOPP film is usually printed with high-quality graphics and designs before lamination. The lamination process combines the visual appeal of the printed BOPP film with the strength and durability of the woven or non-woven fabric.

Here’s some information about BOPP laminated bags:

Visual Appeal: BOPP film allows for high-quality printing with vibrant colors and excellent graphics, enhancing the visual appeal of the bags and promoting the brand identity of the product.
Durability: The lamination process reinforces the bag’s strength and durability, making it suitable for containing heavy or bulky products.
Barrier Properties: BOPP film provides a certain level of moisture and vapor barrier, which helps protect the contents from external factors such as humidity, dust, and light.
Print Quality: BOPP film allows for high-resolution printing, enabling detailed images, product information, and branding to be displayed prominently.

4. Applications:
Rice and Flour Packaging: BOPP bags are well-suited for packaging rice and flour due to their moisture-resistant properties. These bags help prevent moisture from entering and compromising the quality of the contents, ensuring that the rice and flour remain dry and free from contamination.

Animal Food: Animal food, including pet food and livestock feed, often requires durable and moisture-resistant packaging to maintain its freshness and nutritional value. BOPP bags serve this purpose well by providing protection against moisture, pests, and physical damage.
Agricultural Products – Seeds: Seeds are delicate and need to be protected from external factors that could affect their viability. BOPP bags offer a barrier against moisture, which can be crucial for preserving the germination rate and quality of seeds during storage and transportation.
Wall Putty and Color Packaging: BOPP bags are used for packaging materials like wall putty and color products. The bags’ durability and moisture resistance make them suitable for containing powdered products like wall putty and color pigments, ensuring the contents remain intact and unaffected by moisture.

  • Rice, Sugar and other grains.
  • Fertilizer, Urea, Plastic Resins , Polymers
  • Fish Meal , Cattle feed, Pet food,
  • Available in Highly Glossy & Matt Finish.
  • Gives an attractive & bright look, generating high visual appeal.
  • Designs more prominent and can be easily identified from a distance.
  • The bags possess strong construction resistant to moisture.
  • Can be used as promotional tools by gifting products in bags.
  •  Resistant to Oil & Grease.
  •  100 % recyclable.
  • Availability in various sizes of 10 kg / 20 – 25 kg and 50 kg, with and without handle