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We manufacture as well as supply leno/ mesh bags that allow air circulation around the product that is packed in the bag. The holes allow the product to breathe and get sufficient sunlight; they also show your product without opening, thus ensuring vegetables and fruits placed inside remain fresh for longer period of time.
Leno bags are commonly used in the food and vegetable industry for packaging and transporting produce. Leno bags are made from a woven polypropylene material that has small diamond-shaped openings. These openings allow for adequate air circulation, which is crucial for products like fruits and vegetables that require ventilation to maintain their freshness and prevent moisture buildup.

Here are some key advantages of using Leno bags in the food and vegetable industry:

Ventilation: Leno bags provide good airflow, allowing the produce to breathe. This helps in extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by reducing the risk of mold and bacteria growth.Strength and Durability: Leno bags are known for their robust construction, making them suitable for holding heavier produce items. They can withstand the weight of potatoes, onions, and other similar products.Visibility: The woven nature of Leno bags offers partial visibility to the contents, making it easier to identify the packaged products without the need to open the bags.Economical: Leno bags are often a cost-effective packaging solution, especially when purchased in bulk. They provide a balance between cost, strength, and ventilation.Customization: Leno bags can be customized with printed labels, logos, and information, which can enhance branding and provide product information to consumers.When sourcing Leno bags for your food and vegetable business, you can find them from packaging suppliers or manufacturers specializing in agricultural packaging. Ensure that you select the appropriate size and quality of Leno bags based on the specific produce you are packaging. Proper packaging practices, including careful handling and storage, will also play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of your products during transportation and storage.


  • Usage for packaging of Vegetables like potato, ginger, onion, garlic etc
  • Flexible in use and has high tensile and burst strength.
  • Cost effective being low priced, cheaper than other conventional bags.
  •  Easy to use as they are light in weight – but have more strength.
  •  Excellent Air Permeability / ventilation: Due to this property product remains fresh for longer time and the energy cost in cold storage systems reduces.
  • Leno bags are easily reusable.
  • Anti fungal: No fungal growth can take place on or in the Leno bag.
  • Zero toxicity and Chemical inertness: Non toxic and Non reactive. Does not transmit any odour to the packed product.
  • Availability in a wide range of attractive colors.